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Myrtle Beach Winter Rentals

Myrtle Beach Winter Rentals Do you realize that analysts are saying energy costs are going to be 70 percent higher this winter?

Would you like an enjoyable alternative that'll keep you warm AND save you money on your heating bill?

Here in North Myrtle Beach our winter rentals just may be the perfect alternative for you and your family.

If you fly or drive south for the winter and stay in one of our beautiful oceanfront condominiums, you can set your home heating to minimum and your utilities are included in your monthly rental cost!

Myrtle Beach in Winter Our average temperature in January is a mild 55 degrees, and you can play golf, walk on the beach, or enjoy other fun outdoor activities every day this winter with sunny skies and crisp, invigorating air.

You won't be concerned with falling in the snow and ice, and your body won't ache from shoveling snow or fighting off winter colds or the flu.

The best part of it all? Your energy bill savings may just pay for your vacation!

With our mild southern climate, less-crowded off-season beaches, excellent winter golf, year-round shopping centers, unlimited choices of restaurants, and a multitude of activities to keep you healthy and active all winter long, the Myrtle Beach area is a great place to flock in the winter months.

Winter Rentals in North Myrtle Beach Our luxury oceanfront condos in North Myrtle Beach are situated close to all the activities the Grand Strand has to offer, as well as boasting luxury settings with true southern charm.

Would you rather spend your winter shivering in the cold snow, or here in the beautiful south, where you can enjoy deep off-season discounts on accommodations, golf and shopping while experiencing the warmth of oceanfront living at its finest, but at a fraction of peak season costs!

Another major bonus: There're a multitude state-of-the-art medical facilities just a short distance from our North Myrtle Beach winter rentals. That's a great bonus to let you fully enjoy your daily walks or jogs on the beach, shelling or clamming, fishing or golfing, or any other active lifestyle you live while here, no matter what your age.

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